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Welcome to McQueen Community, Edmonton's smallest community, located in West Edmonton. 

It is named for the Rev. David George McQueen, who served 43 years as minister at Edmonton's First Presbyterian Church from 1887 to 1930.

Love McQueen!

30 km/hr in Playground Zones

Playground zones are in effect around elementary schools throughout Edmonton. Motorists are required by law to slow down to 30 km/h between 7am and 9pm every day where playground zone signs are posted.  

McQueen Hall Seeking Janitor

Greetings MCL,

Now that Covid regulations will be changing and community league halls will be able to reopen, the MCL Board of Directors is now looking into a reopening strategy. In order for the MCL Hall to be able to reopen for rentals, events, general operations and more, the MCL Board of Directors is in need of and is looking for someone or a company to become the MCL Hall Janitor. We are open to discussions regarding rates, dates and times, supply of cleaning equipment and the like.

Please pass this information on to others that you may know of that may be interested.
If you or they are interested, please contact the MCL President (Ken Eerkes) at:

Thank you,
The MCL Board of Directors.

McQueen Edmonton Neighbourhood Watch Program

Greetings MCL,

Here is an update for you regarding an Edmonton Neighbourhood Watch (ENW) program within the MCL.
The MCL Board of Directors would like to thank those who came forward to the Board to volunteer in the development and operation of this program in the MCL. While the Board was canvassing for volunteers, a couple of individuals residing in the MCL were also trying to establish an ENW program.

The Board has decided that it is in the best interest of the MCL that one operation is better than two potentially overlapping each other, and to withdraw from operating an ENW program within the MCL.

The Board is grateful that this group has self-taken on this initiative as volunteers are very much appreciated. The names of the volunteers who contacted the Board, information and work associated with an ENW program done by the Board will be passed onto this group. This group will be directed by and working with the ENW organization within the MCL.

If you have any neighbourhood watch, crime etc comments, questions and/or concerns, please contact the following people:


Please look for ENW program information and updates etc from this group on the MCL FaceBook Group and MCL Website.


The MCL Board of Directors

Become a McQueen Community League Member Today!

Benefits of becoming a McQueen Community League member include:
  • Free swimming at Commonwealth Recreation Center on Sundays from 1-3 p.m. 
  • Use of McQueens rinks, courts and nets (with purchase of access pass) & discount on McQueen hall rentals
  • Is required for children to participate in community league sports teams

Need a McQueen Community League Membership?
To apply for a new membership or to renew please fill out this REGISTRATION FORM and the membership director will contact you with further information.  

McQueen Community League Visioning Survey Results

HUGE thank you to all of you who participated in the November Visioning Survey! We had 42 survey submission, where tons of thoughts, information and ideas were shared. The Board of Directors is working on digesting the information you shared with us and determining next steps. In the meantime, here is a summary roll-up of the survey responses. If you are interested in looking at the raw data please email me at

McQueen Community League 

McQueen Community Events Email

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