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We are currently taking names for the garden boxes. Garden boxes will require a deposit for the use of the plot for the season. In October a portion of your deposit will be returned providing the garden bed has been maintained during the summer and fall and has been cleaned out in October. If a garden bed has not been maintained and requires cleaning out, your deposit will go to the McQueen Community Garden.

4'X4' $30 and $20 will be returned providing upkeep was maintained and the box is cleaned out.
4'X8' $50 and $30 will be returned providing upkeep was maintained and the box is cleaned out.

Garden beds will be made next month. Don't wait to get your spot!

Meeting Minutes from November 10th:

Our first meeting on November 10th was great.  Ten people came and we met Carla with Sustainable Food Edmonton.  We also were lucky enough to have a representative come from Archbishop Macdonald to ask if we'd be interested to put a garden in over there.  With the head way on West Christians side it seemed the consensus was to stick to West Christian now and perhaps if successful for the first garden and if there is interest later on we can establish something over there at that time.

We discussed resources that have been listed in the 'funding' section below on this web page.

We were invited by Carla to attend a community garden workshop
WHEN: Monday, November 30th ,6:30 pm—8:00 pm
RSVP by November 26thth to or call 780-496-5857

Next step is to meet December 8th at McQueen hall to form a committee!

People who didn't have a chance to come please feel free to click the link below to see some of what we went over. We are ahead of the game and have many of the steps completed already.  Hoping to break ground in Spring to maximize our crops!

If you know a great place to recruit people, please feel free to print off the last page from the 'Community Work Sheet' directly below this text, fill it out, and distribute, thanks!



Fun projects tend to require money!  There are many different types of gardens we could have, Carla with Sustainable Food Council said it can range from five grand to $35 000 (that was the cost of Hardisty's Community Garden)

So far we have had the generous offer from the following to help form the garden:

-Beyond offering a space for us West Christian School has offered to cover the cost of some materials (in negotiations), separately they have also offered space (in the old skating shack) to store gardening equipment for members, a place to have water access, and the 6 existing 4 X 8' raised flower beds, located near the projected site.
-We are in the process of applying for a Grant with the city of Edmonton (worth $5000 - $7500)
-McQueen Community League
-Local Snow Removal and Landscaping company Tessier Enterprise Inc has offered 30 hours of operated equipment time with a Bob Cat, Garden Tractor and Dump Truck to help reduce costs and strain.

Do you know someone or a business that would be willing to contribute to our Community Garden to help make it great?
Have input, get involved, create something you, your family, your class and the community can enjoy. Teach your kids where vegetables come from!

You could grow a pizza garden! A Salsa Garden! You could plant strawberries and have a little fairy house in it like in Tinkerbell to inspire your children, a rhubarb lemonade factory!  We could have a friendly competition and have a prize for the nicest plot (that's just an idea, don't panic!), canning lessons! Sky is the limit, you could have whatever you wish in your 4' X 8'.
The Projected Area is in the yellow highlighted square approximately.

The West Christian school was kind enough to offer the area by the old skating shack and behind McQueen Place.

Peter Buisman, school director of West Christian School, has a vision to incorporate adults, children, families, retiree's and classes in a gardening environment.  There is mention of possibly installing a gate going to McQueen Place with wheelchair access to the flower beds of the future garden.  Apparently some people of McQueen Place have requested a horse shoe pit!

McQueen Community Members

Garden Coordinator Ghitta Tessier

Treasurer Joh Callaghan

Secretary Sheri York

Community Relations Rose Jordan

Social Media Charlene Demeria

Grant Coordinator Ginel Stephenson

Design Jenni Callaghan

Committee Member Annette Rehlau

Marlene Eerkes

Community Memberships Marlenen Eerkes